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AMD 60m2

The quick-assembly 60 m2 mobile shelter can be transported on a trailer, towed by a light vehicle or on a cradle. The unit is self-contained, powered by the carrier's electricity and has its own elevation system.


Humvee militaire


The equipment

  • Battery charger

  • Extension cords

  • Incorporated lighting including an electrical cabinet and halogen spotlight (all to be defined according to use)

  • Floor mats with lifts under the wall tarpaulins

  • Tarpaulin with camouflage

  • Sun protection nets (roof and walls)

  • Interior tarpaulin partitions

  • Heating

  • Air conditioner

  • Dehydrator

  • Generator

  • Specific storage arrangements (chests, supports, etc.)



  • Unique range of products in the world constituting the best performance in terms of speed of assembly in relation to surface area

  • Highly reliable equipment (lifespan greater than 20 years)

  • Equipment with low maintenance cost

  • Particularly robust and wind-resistant material (unlike all other existing structures, the frame can be handled without human effort, the design integrates materials without weight constraints)

  • The design of the structures does not require any external equipment for assembly/disassembly

  • Equipment that can incorporate:

  • Generator, heating ,

  • lighting, air conditioning, anti-heat nets, etc...

  • Tests carried out during different maneuvers have proven the reliability of the product in all climates.

  • Climatic resistance: 

  • Wind: 120 km/hour

  • Snow: 10 daN/m²



  • Command post

  • Advanced Medical Station

  • Refectory and Accommodation

  • Maintenance workshop

  • Etc...

Installation rapide

Installation time is 15 minutes for two people.

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